Assisting Priest

Fr. Charles Rouse

Assisting priest, Fr. Charles Rouse, regularly comes to visit Holy Trinity from our sister parish, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Corning. We are delighted to have Fr. Charles as a part of our life at Holy Trinity.

Senior Warden

Deborah Nord

Debbie helps to coordinate the work of Holy Trinity as a lay leader. She is involved in administration and planning, calendaring events, and helping the church to run smoothly. We are very grateful for Debbie's ministry among us.


Stephanie Cole

Stephanie is our part-time church secretary, handling many of the operations of our church office. Many thanks to Stephanie for all that she does. 

Junior Warden

Jerry Nord

Jerry is responsible for our physical plant, making sure the church building is taken care of so that the church people can "worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness."